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IRMA Update & Impacts on WDW 7pm 9/7

NOTE: This forecast can change. So please make sure you get the latest information. A slight shift of just 50 miles to the right or left can make a major difference.

IRMA continues to be a recording breaking storm after maintaining 180 miles longer than any other Atlantic hurricane. As of the latest advisory, it continues to be a strong Cat 5 with winds of 175 mph.

It is looking more and more likely that this storm will have a major impact on the entire Florida Peninsula starting this weekend if the current forecast is validated and that isn't good news.

Based on the current official forecast, IRMA should hit south Florida on Sunday and move north/northwest across Florida and then up into Georgia. With a path like this, hurricane force winds will be possible across the peninsula. Of course, the track can still shift, but many of the forecast models are showing the same thing.

Timing for storm hitting WDW: Not much has changed here. I still believe the storm could start impacting on Sunday and lasting into Monday.

Impact on WDW: This where the forecast has changed. Based on the current forecast, the eye of the storm could pass close to WDW. If that happens, hurricane force winds will be possible and perhaps up to 90-100 mph. Again, this will depend on how fast IRMA weakens and the exact path. Heavy rains are also possible up to ten inches.

If you are still planning to travel to WDW prior to the storm, check with your airline. Many airlines are starting to cancel flights and the Orlando airport will shut down starting at 5pm on Saturday.

Driving is not recommended due to evacuations and possible gas shortages.

Please continue to check the All About Mickey Latest News section for updates.

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