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  • Patrick Dennis

The Wait for Pandora is Over...But Not The Lines

The reviews are in and they are out of this world for Pandora, The World of Avatar at Disney's Animal Kingdom park. The 'new land' at Animal Kingdom consists of two attractions. They are 'Avatar Flight of Passage' and 'Na'vi River Journey.' While both are getting two big thumbs up, 'Avatar Flight of Passage' is being described as 100 times better than Epcot's 'Soarin.'

The only issue right now are the lines. If you don't have a Fastpass, be prepared to wait. When we say wait, we really mean it. It is not uncommon to see waits for popular attractions at Disney exceed two hours or even three hours. If that was only true for Flight of Passage. There were reports of nearly five hour waits on opening weekend with the line stretching all the way back to the park entrance.

Having said that, we offer three tips. First, get your Fastpass immediately when they are available. Second, if you are not using a Fastpass, arrive early and go straight to the 'Flight of Passage' when the park opens. And finally, you may consider the 'Extra-Extra Magic Hours from 11pm-1am for Disney Resort Guests in place now through July 4th.

Good Luck.

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