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  • Patrick Dennis

Disney World's Animal Kingdom Lodge

We have wrapped up our first stay at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge. After staying at Wilderness Lodge Club Level, we wanted to give Disney's Animal Kingdom a try for a couple of nights. Here are some thoughts...

Just like Wilderness Lodge, we stayed at Club Level. Both Club level lounges are very nice in their own way. The Club Lounge at Animal Kingdom is called The Kilimanjaro Lounge. It is very open with lots of tables, TVs, and more just like

Wilderness Lounge. The food selection is also like most other Club lounges we have experienced. We were able to eat breakfast here, along with dinner and desserts.

One difference with this lounge compared to Wilderness Lodge, is that you have access to it 24 hours a day for water, drinks and sodas. It also seems to be a little more crowded at the Kilimanjaro Lounge than Wilderness. Even with more seating room, it can be tough to find a seat.

A BIG plus for Animal Kingdom Lodge are the room locations. The pictures you see are from our room. Pretty cool to open the curtains to giraffes, zebras, wildebeest and more.

A complaint we have heard about staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge is the location. Some say it is too far away from the parks. The furthest park away is Magic Kingdom and it took us just more than 15 minutes to travel there this morning. Having said that, in our opinion, Animal Kingdom Lodge is no worse than other resorts when it comes to location.

In the end, we really enjoyed our stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge. Not sure if it will replace Wilderness Lodge as our favorite Deluxe Level Resort, but it is worth a try for sure.


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